18 January 2017
One More Step to Fill in Forms Makes Tax Refunds Easier

National Taxation Bureau of Taipei, Ministry of Finance (hereinafter referred to as NTBT) indicated that when taxpayers file individual income tax, if there is any tax payment to be refunded, no matter they file the tax via e-Filing program, tax pre-calculation service, tax filing system using the 2D bar code, or manual handwriting forms, they can apply for the refunds by providing the checking accounts, demand deposits, demand savings deposits or comprehensive deposits of a financial institution (including bank, credit cooperative, credit department of a farmers' association and so on), or the savings accounts for new Taiwan dollars opened in a foreign bank (not applying to preferential savings accounts of government employees and teachers) belonging to taxpayers themselves, their spouses, or dependents.

NTBT illustrated that it is the most time-saving, convenient and safest option for taxpayers to get tax refunds through savings accounts, and taxpayers can directly fill in the ID numbers and savings account numbers of the depositors or choose to check the box of continuously using the savings accounts of the previous year where their tax refunds have been successfully appropriated for on the declaration forms for individual income tax, tax-filing program, or tax refund confirmation forms for the tax pre-calculation service provided by NTBT, and NTBT will directly appropriate for the tax refunds to taxpayers' designated savings accounts.

Additionally, NTBT pointed out that some financial institutions might merge with others or change their names, taxpayers have to confirm with the financial institutions whether the code numbers and account numbers of the financial institutions have been changed before filling in their savings account numbers, so that they fill in the numbers correctly and receive tax refunds soon.

Moreover, NTBT reminded taxpayers that they would never request taxpayers to operate automated teller machine (ATM) or ask them to input any information in ATM to apply for tax refunds. Therefore, if taxpayers receive any phone call notifying them of tax refunds, they should verify it with the jurisdictional tax collection offices of their domicile addresses to avoid fraud.

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